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“What a wonderful shaman and healer Melissa is. My session with her was amazing and such a memorable experience. She was to do a soul retrieval on me and cut the cord of a past relationship. She discussed with me what the process was. I was relaxed and ready to receive. She made sure I was comfortable and had me play meditation music while she worked on me.

When she was done I had felt a shift.  She explained to me in great detail all that she experienced. I was blown away. She not only did a soul retrieval and cord cutting, she removed entities that were stuck in my energy field and placed protection around my heart and where I live. She taught me how to create a sacred space for when I practice my healing skills and gave me concrete advice about what I need to focus on for the future. She really is a gift in this world and willing to delve into the shadow of you so you can be your best self. She is an amazing shaman and I can’t wait to work with her again. If you are thinking about booking a session, don’t hesitate, book it now. You deserve the insight in your life and Melissa is the real deal. I am so grateful to have had this session and can’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you Melissa for being you!”

Jill K.

“I had received Reiki before, and went into this experience with Melissa with a realistic expectation of feeling better, but let’s just say MIND-BLOWN!

I know about energy and chakras but was not prepared for the life-changing experience I had with Melissa in 10 sessions.  Melissa has an amazing natural ability as an empath and healer.  It turns out that Melissa is also an incredibly gifted shaman who could tune into my totem animals of every chakra.  - I didn’t realize how significant that would be.-  Her ability to read the animal spirits in a very primal way empowered me from a place I never knew I had. I learned more about my strengths and by identifying with each animal, emotions I had been struggling with finally fell into place. 

She also had shamanistic visions and insight about each chakra that went well beyond the typical Reiki healer.  In our time together I lost my dog of 14 years.  Not only did Melissa help me heal from the process of letting go but gave me the comfort of knowing that all my past furbabies were reunited and happy.  I also learned the animals I loved in life would never leave me and that they could actually send me messages that she could relay to me, and that was extraordinary. 

I looked forward to every session we had, because Melissa’s passion to help and unique abilities provided me with priceless clarity.   So If you are looking for something beyond just endless talk therapy I highly recommend booking a session, or SEVERAL with her.  Melissa is SPOT-ON!  And I promise, you will learn something vital about yourself  that you never knew you needed.”

Laura K.

"Melissa is so personable and talented.  She did a soul retrieval, an ancestral healing, and a chakra balance for me.  The healing and every bit of information she provided to me was exactly what I needed at the moment.  It was so amazing too how my soul retrieval and ancestral healing correlated to my current situation. The information Melissa received about these two events helped me achieve a deeper understanding of what's been transpiring for me currently.  I highly recommend and suggest you contact Melissa for a healing session!"

Dina L.

“Melissa has been a spiritual guide for me for many years. She's absolutely amazing in terms of giving practical advice with compassion and empathy. Her readings have enabled me to gain clarity on life issues that are causing me road blocks. She speaks the truth that the Universe is trying to tell me. The best story I have is after a Reiki session, she noted during the session that my throat chakra was blocked and there had been a conversation I'd been anxious about having with close friend and Melissa removed the rocks (energy block) in my throat. After the session I was able to muster the courage to have the conversation which relieved me of some terrible rumination that had been going on for weeks.”

Marc M.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

I recently had a session with Melissa. It was wonderful!  We talked and she listened to what was "up" for me at the time.  I felt heard and she held amazing space for me to open up. The session was relaxing and had a beautiful flow.  We worked on patterns in my life that are holding me back from my full potential. At the end of the session I felt at peace and had a strong sense of clarity and focus.  It was beautiful. I highly recommend Melissa!

Debra M.

“Melissa’s reading was so inspiring. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to ask as my nerves usually kick in when doing the whole zoom thing but she made me feel extremely comfortable, giving me a general life reading and it just flowed from there. I was given so much insight on my spiritual path and she truly inspired me to really tap into my own psychic gifts. She also gave me insight on certain relationships and brought a lot of comfort and ease. I am so grateful to have met Melissa and for her wisdom /guidance on my healing journey.”

Tania M.

“I would highly recommend Melissa for a reading. She was not only professional but also very friendly. Like talking to a new best friend. I asked specific questions and was given direct answers to help me be more aware of my situation. Overall, I was left with a feeling of hope.  Will definitely call on her again!”

Colleen G.

“I just had a wonderful experience getting a reading with Melissa.  I told her what I wanted to ask about what I should focus on personally for the new year.  Honestly, talking to Melissa was like speaking with an old friend.  I am a budding psychic and reiki practitioner that is currently working with angels and animals.  I have signed up for many courses in the new year.  Melissa wasted no time.  We delved right to the heart of what I needed to know.  She pulled cards for me and they were so insightful.  She gave me a brief and understandable explanation of each and assured me that she would send me pictures of them and their corresponding descriptions to resonate with later on.  I love learning and reading so she suggested some great books and oracle cards that I should check out.  The best part was that it was an easy conversation.  She gave me time to respond and tell her things that just seem to flow out of me and make sense to what we were talking about.  It was very fluid.  A reading like this is very personal and you want to have a reading with someone like Melissa who’s down to earth, sensitive, and extremely helpful.  I highly recommend a reading with her.”

Jill K.

“I would and already have referred Melissa to one of my friends and would consistently! Here’s why; Going through a very difficult time in my life where I was having to make a very hard decision Melissa was recommended to me by my friend, Jill, who had just used her for herself and highly recommended her! 

From the start communication was very easy & fluid. She was quick to respond to my inquiry and worked with me patiently until we nailed a date and time down. Her vibe continued once we were in our session, sweet natured, patient and kind!  The information delivered between direct contact with the spirit and through the tarot cards was very informative and concrete! 

Information only I would know was brought up immediately by spirit to validate their presence. Some information was repeated that was mentioned by another medium from a year ago, but with further details. All in all, between Melissa‘s personality professionalism with deliverance from spirit, I felt she helped give me the support I needed to make my personal decisions!!”

Hilary P.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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