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November Pick-a-card Reading

Here’s a channeled pick-a-card reading for the energy surrounding you at this time. Choose whichever card pile and crystal you feel called to. Card reveal and reading detail listed below. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Love, blessings, and light 🙏✨

Note: I use the words Spirit, Universe, Divine, God, Goddess, Source, Creator, etc. interchangeably. Feel free to supplement the word that matches your belief system. I have respect and reverence for all faiths. My hope is to spread love and connection. Please take all messages with the positive intentions they were created with. Thank you to my guides and Higher Power for these messages.

Decks used are:

The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

Mindful Kids by Little Renegades

Beyond Lemuria by Izzy Ivy

Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray

The Psychic Tarot by John Holland

Pile 1 / Dalmatian Jasper

Bending Branch Card “Stand tall and breathe in. Bring your arms above your head. Bend left and stretch. Exhale. Inhale and repeat the bend to the right side.”

Have you been feeling like things aren’t moving quickly enough in the direction of your dreams and goals? Are you taking life too seriously, driving forward at the expense of your own enjoyment and healing? Life flows in unending cycles of activity and rest, change and stagnancy, giving and receiving. Learn to trust the flow of the cycle that you are currently in. You are moving towards a new reality as you loosen your grip on the way you want your life to unfold. When we let go of our control over a situation and move in a state of flow, we release our resistance to the changes coming into our lives.

Bring to mind the tree with deep roots during a storm. If the tree was rigid and unbending it would break apart. However, it remains flexible, moving with the wind like a dance. Now is a time of trusting in the yin cycle of receptivity and surrender. You have an inner guidance system that has been nudging you along your path towards success, abundance, and happiness. All that is required is for you to move into a state of allowing and get out of your own way. You will swiftly move towards your vision and desires if you are able to seek out the light-heartedness in your current situation. Unexpected opportunities will come as a result of the seeds you have sown, yet you must give them time in the unseen before they can blossom forth into your conscious reality.

Know that everything you have been through, including the obstacles you’ve faced, have become a part of your initiation into a life you once believed impossible. You deserve to live free from the expectations and pressures that are weighing you down. This is a time of renewal, relaxation, and positive expectation. Trying to control the process never works. Let go now and choose the path that lights up your soul. As you take time to rest from unceasing action and visualize your success, you are allowing yourself time to integrate and alchemize your experiences. Slow down and have fun, your dreams will move towards you even faster once you finally detach from pushing so hard for the desired outcome. All will be well, have faith that good things are indeed on the way.

Pile 2 / Fire Agate

Giving Tree Card “Like a gentle tree, you are kind and supportive. Breathe deep and say ‘Just like the trees, I am giving.’”

Do obstacles, power struggles, and challenges seem to lurk behind every corner? Does it seem like you just can’t move forward, not for the lack of trying but because of some intangible block in your way? The changes that you are enduring are bringing you to a better place, even if it doesn’t currently seem that way. Know that you are capable of moving beyond the limitations and expectations that have been placed upon you by yourself and others. You do have the strength and courage to move forward in your life. Examine the fears that are holding you back from opening up to a more authentic version of yourself. We all have self-doubt at times. Those who are able to examine their shadows and motivations, are not necessarily free of fears. They have just decided to shine light on the darkness and continue on their path regardless of perceived limitations.

Listen to your intuition and reach out for support if needed. How can you be more loving and giving to yourself as you embark on this process of self-awareness. The insights that you gain will allow you to see the bigger picture of why certain things in your life aren’t working the way you’d hoped. Connecting with nature may help you to gain clarity and reset your troubled mind.

As you hold the space for a positive shift to happen, you may feel more connected to the guidance and support that are available to you. The strength of the Divine is more powerful than our ingrained patterns and limiting beliefs. Shift your perception from fear to trusting that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey. Life is asking you to take a risk and create a new beginning. Standing in the face of fear and moving forward anyway is a powerful position to be in. Being present and grounded will assist you as you begin to apply all of the knowledge you have gained on your journey. You are able to choose a new direction now. Where does your heart want you to go?

Pile 3 / Blue Apatite

Purple Breath Card “Breathe in. When you exhale, pretend your air is filling the sky with a bright purple air.”

Are you feeling as though you are taking aligned action but not seeing tangible results? Are you ready to forgive yourself and others in order to move forward towards the life of your dreams? You are currently on or about to begin a journey to leave the past behind. When you decide that you are ready to embark upon a new adventure, the Universe conspires to bring opportunities and people into your path to help move you in the direction of your desires. However, shifting to a new reality means that everything unaligned must fall away. Often times we want so badly for things to change, yet we are attached to the comfort of the way our life has been. There is a greater clarity available to you at this time. Outdated doors may need to close and any ideas that are holding you back must be transformed. You are already on your way even if the route isn’t is as easy as you may have expected it to be. Breathing exercises may be a helpful tool for you to shift your perceptions if you are feeling stuck.

There is often a bigger plan for our lives than we are capable of fathoming at any given time. As your dreams begin manifesting in your reality, you may be challenged to live more from your heart. Take a moment to honor how far you’ve come on your path. As you heal and find forgiveness in your heart for yourself, you will begin to naturally feel more inspired and driven to let go of anything or anyone who is no longer meant to be a part of your path. Finding or expanding self-love can enable you to set stronger boundaries in an effortless and consistent way. Let go of any past memories that may be replaying in your mind. Releasing others that have caused you grief and loss is not in any way condoning their actions. Instead you are choosing to offer forgiveness to give yourself peace of mind and take back your power. This will allow you the forward momentum you’ve been missing. Trust that you are being guided.

You were meant to be a bright light within this world. Know that you are supported in your mission by the heavenly realms. Be open to receiving all that you’ve asked and worked for. As you let go of all that weighs you down you will begin to see things fall into place. You are being drawn onto the path of your greatest happiness, success, and health. When you choose to rise above the disappointments of the past, you create space for the blessings you’ve been hoping for. Let go and receive all you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Pile 4 / Moss Agate

Essential Fire Card “With your eyes closed, breathe in. Breathe out. Say out loud, ‘Just like fire, I make a difference.’”

Are you discounting your talents and abilities because they make you feel different and separate? Do you often feel more connected to animals and the natural world than you do to people? This message was meant to find you at this exact time. The cards were urgently flying out of the deck as I was shuffling for this group. You are a unique and beautiful soul. It is the parts of yourself that you most want to hide that are the gifts that help you to shine. You have so many options available to you if you are willing to embrace the magic that lives within you. Even if the world has told you that you don’t fit in, you can choose to shift your perception to find the grace in your situation. You are an infinite being with unlimited potential and you are being guided by your soul.

Trust that the path that is calling you onto it is where you are meant to be. It was never a question of if this was going to happen, it was always a question of when. You may be going through a time when you are being forced to look at the way you interact with others and with yourself. You may be feeling like you aren’t making as big of an impact or helping as many people as you want to. This time is not meant to be a punishment but is instead meant to bring transformation and change. You have been through so much to get to this point. Your task now is to open to unconditional self-love and acceptance of who you are.

Have patience as you transition out of this period of self-growth and evaluation. Everyone around you can see the way you shine and you are only becoming more of yourself with each passing day. The difficulties that you have faced in owning your authentic truth will not be in vain. You are moving into a time of prosperity and joy as you begin to surround yourself with people who understand and love you exactly the way you are. Move forward with the knowing that you were born to do this, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

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