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Guided by Signs

“I just want an obvious sign,” I say to my mother while on a yoga and meditation retreat in the Berkshires during the summer of 2016. When we arrived for a weekend of relaxation, I had asked for a monarch butterfly as a sign I was being supported by the Divine. At the time, I was on the verge of filing for divorce after a tumultuous separation, struggling to cope with the reality of my estranged father’s addictions, and hitting my own rock bottom both physically and emotionally. To be honest this was the lowest point of my life. I did not yet know how dramatically things were about to change. That the steps I was taking to leave behind the life I was trapped in were starting to cause a huge shift. As they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Over the course of the weekend, I saw many butterflies but somehow I didn’t feel like they were my sign. During the closing ceremony over two hundred people gathered in a healing prayer circle. Those on the outside of the circle were praying and holding space for the healing of those who needed it. I felt my mom nudge me to go forward and receive the healing being offered. I had never focused on healing myself before. I just stubbornly plowed forward with life, hitting one roadblock after another. Tentatively, I laid down in the center of the circle with a handful of other participants. I will never forget this moment. In this simple act of surrender, I had opened up to a plan other than my own. I became willing to accept that I needed the help and guidance of something greater than myself.

Driving home later that day, we were met with a stretch of traffic on a six lane highway. The car was at a complete standstill in the left lane. Seemingly out of nowhere a gorgeous monarch butterfly flew into view. As if it knew how apprehensive I had been about claiming signs as my own, it fluttered a full circle around only my car before drifting off to the side of the highway. My mother said, “There is that a good enough sign for you?” We were awestruck. This was clearly meant to be my sign. I’ve asked for many signs throughout the years but for some reason this experience seemed to have more gravity. Butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis. This butterfly ushered in a new chapter of my life. She is still a guide I work with very closely in my own healing and to assist others through transformation.

Since then I’ve had countless inspiring signs from Spirit. Often they are are simple. Such as a key, a bird, or a song. They always comfort and renew my faith even when I do not see where the road is leading me. I tend to ask for ‘billboard’ signs. Ones that are so obvious that I cannot dismiss or rationalize them.

On a cool autumn night, I ask my guides for a sign that they are with me even when I feel alone. “This is going to be a strange question,” I say to my partner. “What is the first animal that pops into your mind?” My guides had told me to ask Ben for an animal that would be my sign that support is always around me. “Platypus,” he says after a little consideration. I pick up a book that I use for animal meanings across cultures. I stare at the page with a familiar fascination at the perfection of Spirit’s plan.

Platypus: For help believing without seeing and trusting your intuition

We are always being guided and assisted along the path we are meant to walk. Signs are presented to gently encourage us even in the darkest of times. Recently, I have been going through a new cycle of evolution as I continue to alchemize my experiences. In the ebb and flow of life, we go through many such journeys. I let the tears fall to mourn the parts of my life I’ve been guided to leave behind. I thank them with deep gratitude for the lessons I’ve received. Turning my focus instead to the new beginnings blossoming into my reality. I know there will be plenty more incredible signs along the way.

If you are interesting in working more deeply with your own animal messengers, I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Power Animals at Quantum Health and Wellness in Seekonk, MA on November 6th from 12 to 3 pm. Wishing you all a happy and healthy October!

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