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2020 Reflections & Winter Solstice Blessings

The winter solstice marks a time when we celebrate the cycle of birth and death. We honor our loved ones and ancestors who have crossed over from this reality. During the winter months Mother Earth seems quiet and serene. This time of year can be challenging for many as we have shorter days and longer periods of darkness.

Looking out into nature as I write this passage, I am struck by the plethora of life and activity even on this 19F degree day in Massachusetts. Squirrels hurry about continuing to gather and store food for colder days ahead. Blue jays and chickadees swoop from tree to tree in a mesmerizing midflight dance. Much like many things in life, beauty is there for those who seek it.

Connecting with Mother Earth and all of her creatures gives me a sense of grace and peace. Yesterday, on the night of the Full Moon in Cancer, I left out my solstice offerings to the ancestors and spirits of the highest compassion and love. Apples for the bounty of the harvest and milk for the eruption of new life in the spring. Shortly after I had placed my offering out to nature, I had a little squirrel looking for a table for one. It reminds me that any offering made in love will be received by nature in kind. I'm grateful for this time of rest and renewal after a busy year. Soon the world will be blossoming with the sweet abundance of spring.

Many blessings for the New Year, may 2021 be the year that you manifest all you have dreamed of. Namaste.

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