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December Pick-a-card Reading

Here’s a channeled pick-a-card reading for the energy surrounding you at this time. Choose whichever card pile and item you feel called to. Card reveal and reading detail listed below. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Love, blessings, and light 🙏✨

Note: I use the words Spirit, Universe, Divine, God, Goddess, Source, Creator, etc. interchangeably. Feel free to supplement the word that matches your belief system. I have respect and reverence for all faiths. My hope is to spread love and connection. Please take all messages with the positive intentions they were created with. Thank you to my guides and Higher Power for these messages.

Decks used are:

Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

Pile 1 / Opal Angel

You may have felt like you’ve been walking this journey alone for longer than you’d like to admit. This time was meant to allow you to go within and find your own strength. Through alchemizing the pains and struggles of our past, we receive gifts that are beyond imagining in the moment. You may be going through a time where you are finding a sense of balance and self-love within. The current cycle is coming to a close as you have achieved the primary purpose of this introspection. You will begin to explore love within community. You may start to notice more people appearing in your reality that are aligned with the way you imagine your life in the future. You could be receiving intuitive nudges, books, or even songs that describe exactly how you want to feel or help you to heal in order to achieve that goal. Do not despair if it feels like you are on a lonely journey at present. Soon you will be meeting people who feel so much like home, you’ll wonder how you haven’t known them your entire life. Have faith, your soul tribe is on their way to you now.

Pile 2 / Rainbow Fluorite

You may find yourself walking away from anything that doesn’t serve you at this time. People, traditions, or situations that drain your energy and cause you to feel stuck in an endless loop are not serving your highest good. What stories do your tell yourself about your life and what is possible? Are these thoughts and feelings yours or do they belong to those around you? What would you create if you had no limitations? You’re being asked to look in the direction of these hopes and dreams now. It can be scary and lonely breaking repetitive or ancestral cycles. Know that you have infinite support from the Divine guiding you along every step you take. Do not allow the chains of self-doubt to stop you from your purpose. Set out on the journey across the horizon to your most authentic self. You will be so grateful that you did.

Pile 3 / Chalcopyrite “Peacock Ore”

Does the world seem like it’s flying by in a wave of to do lists and chaos? Have you been taking time to connect with your heart and your own sense of self? You may be taking on more than you need to at this time out of a sense of obligation or sheer forward drive. Allow yourself time to pause, ground, and determine where you are over-giving in your life. Your generous heart and empathic nature are a beautiful blessing to all those around you. However, you need to know where to set healthy boundaries and make time for self-care. Connect with nature to nurture and replenish yourself. You can have everything that you’re dreaming of, just not all at once. Cool the fire and take time to rest so that you don’t burn out. You’ll feel more inspired and ready for the next goal if you do.

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