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As One Door Closes, Another Opens

December is a time of celebration and joy, however, it can also be a difficult time for many. The end of the year can drive us to examine how far we’ve come, and sometimes, how far we still have left to go. Perhaps, like me, you want so badly for things to grow and change, but when they start to, you feel paralyzed with fear or overwhelm.

It’s natural to be apprehensive as one cycle is ending and another has yet to begun. It can make us feel a little like we’re in limbo. We can spend so long staring at the door that was just closed to us, we don’t see that around the corner, a new door is being unlocked. Change is hard. Whether it’s a positive change or a negative one. All change is inevitably met by some form of resistance. I’ve come to understand that those feelings are often my inner child trying to get my attention. Our inner child is the part of us that loves to be free, have fun, and feel validated and secure. When we are in the midst of shifting from one reality to another, it can cause us to put the breaks on changes we really want to occur. Sometimes we can be pushing forward so fast that we blow right through our own boundaries without realizing it. How can you balance this need to create the new with activities that make you feel loved, secure, and recharged?

Those closest to me can tell you that, without a doubt, I have times when I fall apart. I work hard to make sure everything in my life is running smoothly and that I’m giving enough of myself in relationships, career, family and my own health. When I don’t take enough time to relax and enjoy myself, I often have an inner child melt down. This is when I cry, vent, and pout because I can’t see the forest through the trees. Basically, I’ve been hijacked by the part of myself that doesn’t want life to be all about responsibility and effort. It’s always a wake up call to pay attention to what I’ve been lacking. I know that I haven’t been feeding the aspect of my personality that craves excitement, creativity, and joy. My partner lovingly jests that I only let my melt down happen until 11 pm, because the next day I’ll rally and get it all done. Maybe it’s because I am a Virgo sun and rising, or maybe it’s because that part of me just needs to feel seen and validated before I buckle down and accomplish. Either way I know that I need to reward myself for my efforts with something fun.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you reach for your dreams. None of us have a blueprint for exactly how our life will unfold (not even psychics!), so it’s reasonable to be unsure of taking risks and releasing the known. Whether that be starting a new program of study, building a business, taking the time to heal to attract healthier relationships, or any other transformational experience. Nothing grows from our comfort zone, yet we all want to be comfortable. I joke that I get five minutes in my comfort zone before Spirit asks me to move on to the next thing. Yet I know that as long as I take time to create balance in my life, things always fall into place. As we celebrate the end of 2021 and the closing of one door, I look bravely into the future for the new doors that 2022 will offer. May you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Celtic Moon Healing Community on Facebook, where you will find exclusive pick-a-card readings and live content. Also, keep an eye out for new classes and events coming in 2022! Visit to stay updated on current events and happenings. Love, blessings, and light ✨

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